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Planswift is a take-off platform aimed at facilitating the work of contractors, both commercial and residential, from different areas of the construction industry. These engineers can use the platform to create estimates of values, materials, and even labor. Thus, making Planswift the main ally when it comes to saving and optimizing the contractor’s work.

Managing construction work is not a simple task. This is because the entire process demands a lot of dedication, time, and effort. Both in creating and monitoring the work schedule, hiring a construction team, selecting and negotiating with suppliers and customers.

The environment and the preservation of natural resources are subjects constantly discussed nowadays; not only during forums and meetings among the main world leaders, such as the Paris Agreement but also among companies in various fields, such as construction.

The composition of a construction schedule is an essential item, which guarantees the success and correct execution of the entire project. In addition to saving time, labor and costs, a well-structured construction schedule reduces the risks of execution failures.