We are Hepta Solutions, a service company specialized in the civil construction sector, founded in 2017, and born from the merger of two business areas of AGV Consulting Ltda. Perform on B2B segment, we offer qualified consultancy to all companies in the sector in several countries.

Our focus is fullfil special projects needs by searching information, material and services that are indispensable to the industry, from the use of advanced technology, take-off planning using Planswift software and Procore. The company goals are to achieve the requests made by all sized companies with quality and accuracy that are essential to the customer, giving the project more security and accuracy, reducing costs and waste in the field operations.

We offer solutions that are ideal for construction of high complexity and size. Therefore, among the company’s capabilities, you can find quickness on the budget deliverable, service quality and competitive price. Solutions aligned with technology, quality and commitment on the negotiated project deliverables are values shown in each service provided by our team from Hepta Solutions.

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We perform take-off for our customers estimating using Planswift software, which calculates construction needs by showing time frame and financial costs. All of these results give us more precision and productivity in project execution, in addition to saving time and resources, both financial and human.

Therefore, it is essential to have a tool capable of creating construction estimates, quantifying materials and generating reliable reports. In addition, to deliver a project with excellence standards, we commit the TAT – Turn Around Time, which consists of the total requested time to a project return. From the project presentation to tasks conclusion we value commitment to our customers and, for this reason, we conquered longtime partners.

By hiring or company, the customer receives the complete estimating package which includes data, material specifications and quantity. This enable the customer to price their bid accurately and achieve the best possible results.

We work in different areas which includes painting, cabinetry, flooring, wall finishes, dry wall among others. Our finished report will always be delivered on the negotiated terms.

All of our processes rely on Procore technology, which facilitates access to documents, reports and important information, centralizing everything in a single place, which can be accessed from any online device. Manage your project from a distance and have access to everything safely, quickly and conveniently!

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Hepta Solutions has experience on taking off and estimating different projects such as:


Residential Condos


Business Condos


Dental clinics


Universities, Colleges

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