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Constructing with AI: how artificial intelligence can help the project

Anyone who has been working in the construction sector for some time will have noticed a series of radical transformations that have completely changed the way we manage projects, in addition to new concepts of productivity and economy. After all, thanks to the advancement of technology, especially with the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), there are much more efficient, faster and cheaper ways to perform the same tasks. 

We can even say that the transformations brought about by AI in construction are a milestone in the history of the sector. Improved productivity, customization of projects and processes, predictive maintenance and workforce training are just some of the advantages of using this technology. 

And even for those more conservative groups and followers of “business as usual”, embracing AI solutions is no longer just an option, but a necessity. This is because, in an increasingly competitive market, maintaining relevance and efficiency will guarantee the success of your business. 

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How can you optimize processes and increase the performance of your project by constructing with AI? 

We need to say that AI-driven transformations in the construction sector are just the beginning! This is because, as technological solutions continue to evolve, it is expected that we will still have surprises in the way we design, build and manage projects. 

Therefore, understanding how this technology works, and how it can help us at each stage, is the first step. 

What is AI in construction? 

When we talk about AI in construction, we don’t stray too far from how artificial intelligence is used in other market and industry sectors. After all, in short, we can explain artificial intelligence solutions as the use of advanced computer systems and machine learning algorithms, with the aim of improving various aspects of civil construction processes. 

And this technology can be applied at absolutely every stage of the process. From feasibility research, to project planning, estimates, calculations and measurements and the construction itself. For those who are already accustomed to the support of robots in manual work, relying on intelligent software is not that big of a novelty! 

Benefits of constructing with AI and why invest in this solution 

We can list countless advantages building with AI, however, we have separated five main reasons for your company to adopt this strategy right now: 

  • Project planning with AI 

As with all other areas, it all starts with good planning. After all, if we don’t know exactly where we want to get to and what we can do to achieve our goals and objectives, the probability of getting lost along the way is huge. Therefore, at the beginning of any construction project, careful planning and effective design are essential. 

AI, with its advanced data analysis and machine learning capabilities, is an excellent option for engineers and architects responsible for creating more efficient and sustainable designs. Additionally, AI tools can quickly analyze large volumes of data, including environmental variables, urban development trends, and local regulations, which helps with cost, material, and human resource estimates. 

  • Forecasting and risk management 

One of the objectives of the SWOT analysis, a fundamental step in any planning, is to predict all possible risks for the project. This is because, when there is no knowledge about everything that could go wrong, it is also not possible to create containment plans or plan to reduce losses. 

Once fed with all the information about the project, AI is capable of predicting delays, suggesting alternatives to avoid excess costs and identifying potential security risks. This not only saves time and money, but also ensures worker safety and construction quality. 

  • Automation and more efficiency in construction 

Does anyone remember when the first robots and automated machines appeared in construction? They were certainly a huge advance and brought very significant gains to the market. When it comes to AI, this automation also extends to planning and project management. 

Excluding human error, AI offers much more sophisticated and accurate data analysis, allowing construction professionals to better understand market trends, customer needs and potential project risks. 

  • Smart maintenance and operations 

Is construction finished? Well, the work still continues! To do this, count on smart systems to continuously monitor the building’s structural health, energy use and other vital parameters. This helps identify potential problems before they become serious and cause major losses. 


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