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Hepta is nominated for the Construction & Real Estate Award

In this February, Hepta Solutions has been nominated as a potential recipient of a recognition award for the achievements par excellence and dedication to excellence in the construction & real industry, by WRECONF (The World Real Estate & Construction Forum).

The event scheduled from June 23 to 25 this year, will take place at MGM Grand, Las Vegas, USA. For those interested in participating in the event, the 3-Day Conference Pass is already available on their website. This year’s conference will feature some of the biggest names of the construction & real estate realms, such as Al Philip-Neri, Cammie Allie, Caroline Kane, Collin McDowell, Dallin A. Larsen, Danielle Ben-Ishay, Don Neff, Dr. Benjamin M. Cole and Joanna Taylor.

The whole Event Itinerary is available on their website in the Agenda category. Follow the schedule for each day of the event in a quick and practical way.

Who is The World Real Estate & Construction Forum?

The objective of WRECONF is to promote, through discussions between recognized professionals, a real and fundamental experience for the development of the industry, brainstorming and debates on current topics and challenges, innovative ideas and lectures with market experts.

Much more than a simple conference, the World Real Estate & Construction Forum brings together global leaders, founders and veterans in an environment of learning, networking and a lot of innovation.

The conference is also responsible for the awards of several professionals and companies that present excellence in the provision of services and delivery of results.

Who is Hepta Solutions?

Hepta Solutions is a civil construction company which provides services abroad. With a focus on a fully B2B audience, Hepta has the support of software and technology to attend the needs of each project in an individual and assertive manner.

In order to become the perfect solution for high complexity and large constructions, Hepta values ​​the quality service and delivery of processed data. With the support of a team specialized in the most diverse areas of civil construction, Hepta offers quick delivery of the budget, high standard in the provision of the service and competitive price in the market.

Hepta Solutions has experience on taking off and estimating different projects such as: residential and business condos, stores, supermarkets, restaurants, hospitals, dental clinics, pharmacies, schools, universities, colleges and libraries.

Among our specialized services are: painting, cabinetry, flooring, wall finishes, among others, through takeoff software Planswift which gives us more precision and productivity. Our estimating package, acquired through Planswift software, includes data, material specifications and quantity, provides the best results, saving time and money.


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