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hiring a construction team

What to take into consideration when hiring a construction team?

Managing construction work is not a simple task. This is because the entire process demands a lot of dedication, time, and effort. Both in creating and monitoring the work schedule, hiring a construction team, selecting and negotiating with suppliers and customers.

We know how the correct planning of each step is essential for the project’s success; we understand that some unforeseen issues can arise. Therefore, we value the correct choice of a qualified construction team prepared to deal with all the challenges that follow a project.

To help you in this step, we have prepared this content full of tips on what to consider when hiring a team for your construction. Check out!

Hiring a construction team: 3 essential tips

  1. Evaluate the curriculum

The first step is to evaluate candidates’ resumes. What? Like a company? Exactly. After all, the employee will be a member of your team and will have to meet deadlines, complete tasks, and give results, like an employee in an office.

In the civil construction industry, you will hardly receive a resume in your hands. Because employees in this segment usually work as service providers and, in some cases, are even outsourced from other companies. Therefore, it is very likely that you will receive referrals.

So, what should you evaluate? 

Look for more details about the candidate. Find out how long they have been working in construction, check, if possible, which projects they have worked on, and seek references from their former clients and co-workers.

  1. Have a team of experts

Hiring a single professional for most of the tasks in your construction might seem like a “cheaper” option. But we can assure you that, in most cases, this decision can be much more expensive than you think.

That’s because no one can accumulate so much knowledge at once, which means that the professional is very likely to master a skill with confidence. However, they still have some difficulty in performing other tasks. 

Therefore, it is no use in waiting for the plumber to be responsible for the electrical part of the house as well, ok?

The money you’ve saved by hiring a single professional, you will probably spend later to call an expert to correct problems and glitches. So why not hire an expert the first time? 

In addition to the financial savings, the project will be completed faster and more safely.

Relying on the support of specialists also brings more credibility to your project, allows for innovations, and helps you save on the purchase of materials and tools.

  1. Focus on quality first, then the value 

Have you ever wondered why some workers charge a much lower price than others in the same segment and provide the same service? Why does this happen? There are several reasons.

Among them are the low quality of the materials used and the lack of knowledge or experience of the responsible workers.

The greater the experience and the better the quality of the materials used, the higher the amount charged for carrying out the work. That’s because there is a lot of investment in the training and qualification of professionals, which generates a positive return for both the client and the supplier.

The costs of work must be reduced, and the budget must be limited. However, when hiring people for your team, it is important to observe the difference between the expenses charged and if there is one that highlights or discredits the candidates’ work.

Tip: Always try to escape from those who charge too much or too cheaply. And, of course, negotiate!



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