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Procore: learn more about this software

Technology has come to simplify many aspects of our personal and professional lives. Anyone who works in the construction industry knows how the new softwares simplifies many processes in the area. And we’re not just referring to all the money and time saving. But also to manage projects and the communication between team members. 


When it comes to these aspects, we cannot fail to mention Procore. For those who are not yet familiar with this tool, we have prepared this article with its main features and benefits for a project. 


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What is Procore? 

Procore is one of the big names in the construction industry today. It is software that allows the management of a team in a construction project. 


In addition, this tool allows the management of a project during all of its phases; from the beginning to completion and delivery. 


Main benefits of Procore 


Like many construction software, Procore offers many benefits to a business. However, it presents a cost benefit when compared to other project managers like it. 


That’s because it is sold in only a single annual subscription. However, you can add as many people as you need to the project at no additional cost. All the people involved in the project will have easy access to any functionality of the tool, without any kind of restriction. 


In addition, we need to point out that Procore optimizes the delivery and search of important documents for the construction, thus facilitating RFI. 


Regarding communication, this tool is essential to simplify the distribution of tasks, contact between team members, as it works on different devices. With it, it is also possible to assemble daily inspection reports and project progress. 


In other words, Procore is the tool that will make your company save hours of work, while increasing the productivity of the people involved in your projects. 


Integrations with other software tools 


For companies working with other tools, Procore is ideal as it integrates with a number of other types of software. Like for example: 


  • Financial software: Sage 100 Contractor and Sage 300 CRE; 
  • Customer relationship management software: Salesforce; 
  • Estimation software: * 
  • Accounting software: QuickBooks. 


The integration of these tools makes it much simpler to establish a perfect workflow, manage different areas more efficiently, and also make more information available to team members. 

Features that Procore offers 


One of the biggest benefits of Procore is its robustness. This is a much more complete tool than the others on the market, offering everything the project needs to take off. From the people management part, to the sharing of information between the people of the team. 


In addition, it retains various data and information that are generated daily. Therefore, this software tool is able to extract progress reports, in addition to offering schedules that further help the routine of professionals involved in construction. 


Also, the tool supports different types of files such as photos, documents, lists, traces, which can be easily inserted into reports. 


Another feature that we can highlight of the tool is the possibility of distributing and viewing plans with all team members, on any type of device. Which makes it possible for everyone to be aware of the changes wherever they are. 


In other words, this tool allows people from different parts of the world to collaborate on the same project, without having to travel. 


Devices that support Procore 


So, you already understand that one of the biggest advantages of Procore is mobility, that is, wherever you are, you can access the platform. But, which devices exactly allow access to this tool? 


First of all, it is compatible with almost every gadget in your business, from iOS and Android mobile devices to Windows and Mac computers. 





When it comes to managing construction projects, it’s worth investing in Procore. In addition to being a great tool for any type of construction, it is essential to keep the whole team up to date at any stage of the work. 


So, no matter how small the information, it can be shared more efficiently and quickly. So, offering more clarity in the communication processes, avoiding any problems that may arise during the project. 


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