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The precision on take-off and estimating process in construction

In engineering, when we talk about construction estimates, one word comes to mind immediately: precision. This term, different from accuracy, which aims to provide an invariable number, precision aims to represent the scenario closest to reality, taking into account the history and factors of variation.

Since 1961, when Foster wrote his first book (Foster, Norman G. 1961), he brought to our attention the importance of accuracy and precision in the take-off and estimating for the construction industry. However, we did not have advanced tools and technologies as we have today, for example computers and software.

For this reason, in this content we emphasize the importance of estimates in construction and present viable solutions for practical application. Check out!

Why adopt precision in the take-off and construction estimation process?

With the use of state of art software as PlanSwift, on screen take-off and as a result of that, estimates, are extremely precise, bringing to the construction industry what we have best in class for precision. As a result, all the processes within the civil construction will present better results in precision and execution.

Based on the plans provided by the general contractors and the technology within the software, we are able to calibrate and precisely measure anything that is linear, area or units. An engineer in front of a computer now is able to perform the take-off remotely and deliver a bill of quantities with more precision in half of the time.

Based on this information the estimates will be extremely close to the real consumption and costs. This allows for a more objective view of the project and, according to our data, once a precise estimate is provided, the chances of closing a deal increase significantly.

In conclusion, we can affirm with certainty that the precision in the process of takeoff and estimation in the construction guarantees the success and the positive results in all phases of the project. Be it in the pre-sale, as in the final delivery of the company to the customer.

The other factor that improves the pre-sales success is the quantity of estimates provided by a company.

Once you have a good partner to perform the remote take-off and estimate to your company, you will be able to install an “Estimating Factory”. In this way, it is possible to create a stable process, ensuring compliance with your workload from field operations and revenue stability.

Precision in the take-off process and estimate for your company

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