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The use of drone in civil construction

The use of drone in civil construction

Drones have fallen in favor of entrepreneurs around the world for offering agility, precision and cost reduction in the most diverse projects. Today, thanks to the development of drones, it is possible to receive orders online in just a few hours, capture images from incredible angles and even speed up a civil construction project.

All of this, of course, guided by a team of experts! After all, this is a technology that does not work well on its own and requires a series of coordinates. Therefore, if there are any doubts about how to make the most of the benefits of this equipment, it is recommended to have outsourced companies that offer this service.

However, it is well worth investing, if your company uses this strategy frequently, in equipment and teams designed for this purpose. Want to know more about the use of drone in construction? Check out!

What is a drone?

Also known as “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles” (UAVs), drones are considered a type of remotely piloted aerial vehicle. Developed in the most diverse formats and models, the flying “robot” has the purpose of transporting small objects, monitoring a certain area. and capture images that will be transmitted to its users.

What was once a dream for every child (and some adults) to consume, has become an important tool used in the development of projects and to ensure the accuracy of calculations. After all, the drone has easy access anywhere, it can capture images and information very accurately and at amazing altitudes.

Basically, the drone is able to reach places that humans cannot without the help of expensive and heavy equipment. Let’s say this little equipment is a very useful extension of your pilots’ eyes.

Drones may not be considered cheap equipment. But of course it all depends on the point of view. The “expensive” and “cheap” depend directly on what it is compared to. For example, if we compare the one-time purchase price (or even the rent) of a drone, compared to the rental of machinery and the cost of moving, the drone can be much more economical for your project.

Weigh the costs vs. the benefits and draw your own conclusions.

Drone in civil construction: what is the importance?

Drones, which were already widely used before in civil construction, gained a prominent role during the pandemic period. This is because, with the establishment of the home office, the journey to the construction site became increasingly “complicated”.

Likewise, with social distancing, the use of rented equipment, such as helicopters and cranes, became more restricted. It was in this scenario that drones became the ideal solution for analyzing large terrains, from a distance and in a very safe way.

It was enough to follow the first results of the work to be very clear that the drones are here to stay!

And if you’re still not convinced of this, check out all the reasons below.

Remote and real-time work

Have you thought about collecting all the images and information you need from the construction site without having to leave your home? And the best part, you can follow all the images, measurements and information collected in real time with your team.

In addition to being much more convenient, this strategy saves the time and costs of moving several people involved in the project.

High quality images and rich details

Each drone model offers a different resolution when capturing images, however, all of them are of very high quality and richness of details. Some versions allow the transmission of images in night mode, with adaptation according to the brightness and even the use of zoom.

Therefore, it is possible to carefully observe all the features of the land and construction details as if you were on site in person.

Easy access to restricted locations

If your goal is to evaluate a suggested location for the development of the construction project, drones are excellent options. This is because, through the equipment, it is possible to assess points such as instabilities in the terrain, unforeseen reliefs, possible declines, the type of vegetation etc.

Many chosen locations are difficult to access, precisely because of the uncertainties about the terrain and the region. In this case, drones are fundamental in the exploration identification and planning process. With all the mapping done, it’s much easier to plan how to clear the land, level it, and start the construction process.

And don’t think this is the final step. Even during the construction process, you need to use the drone to follow different angles of your project and ensure that everything goes as planned.


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