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things to consider when building a beach house

5 things to consider when building a beach house

Having a house on the beach is a dream for many people. The sound of waves crashing, the salty breeze coming from the sea… That’s what life is!

But, this is not just a place for you to spend your days off with your family and friends. A beach development can also be a great opportunity to earn extra income from a vacation rental.

However, as the coastal area is prone to various types of natural disasters and also corrosion from the beach air, you need to take some precautions so that your investment is safe. In this way, it is possible to avoid some irreversible problems.

That’s why we’ve separated some tips that will help you if you’re thinking about starting or are in the initial phase of your construction. Check out!


Check area zoning rules


Before starting the works, you need to find out what the zoning rules are for the area. It is important to look for information in the city where you are going to build, as these rules may change according to the region.

Also, if your property is in an environmental protection area, construction will need a special permit for its kick off.

The CAMA (Coastal Area Management Act) is the government agency that regulates all constructions. He will make the necessary adjustments to your project, so that it complies with the standards, without harming the environment and in order to keep your home safe.

A tip that will help you when starting your project is to look for engineers and architects in the area, as they will know how to conduct the construction in a way that is not disapproved by CAMA. Consequently, getting the project off the ground faster.


Beware of flood zones


There are several dangers that people who are building in beach areas may face. Among them, flooding is one that you can avoid.

When creating your project, you need to consider what the elevation is to keep your property safe. That’s because, if any flooding occurs in the region, your property will be at a safe level, preventing irreversible damage to the property.


Choose your materials well


As we have already said, in addition to flooding, there are other problems that can be triggered in buildings near the beach. Due to high sun exposure, sea air and humidity, low quality materials end up giving in early.

Hence, when selecting materials for construction, consider quality more than price. Because a cheaper purchase now can be much more expensive in the future, when the house is completely built and you need to renovate everything.

Therefore, choose materials that have an extra protective coating, that are resistant to moisture and that are anti-corrosion. Woods such as cedar are very resistant to the coastal environment and concrete is a stronger alternative.


Windows and doors are important as well 

things to consider when building a beach house

We know that one of the biggest benefits of having a beach house is the view!

That’s why you probably want that amazing glass door in your living room, where you can have an amazing view of the sea without leaving the couch.

As much as this dream is very valid, you need to acquire doors and windows with glass that are resistant to wind and objects that can be thrown against them. Since, depending on the area where your property is, there is always the possibility of hurricanes.


House structure needs to withstand natural disasters


It’s not just good materials that will guarantee the safety of your venture. The engineer who understands the needs of the area, can guarantee the project structure is good enough to withstand any natural disaster.


So make sure you hire a qualified professional to assemble your project. Also, get your home insured for natural disasters. Thus, you will not need to take measures at the last minute in the event of a hurricane, for example.


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