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Why do you need to use construction software?

In recent years, the accelerated advancement of technology has awakened hope for better days in the field of civil construction and in all other areas of society. This is because, in addition to making people’s lives easier, making communication and access to information almost immediate, software and other devices have, little by little, replaced common day-to-day activities, generating faster processes, practical, safe and economical. 

Exactly for this reason, companies from the most diverse segments involved in civil construction have invested in the development or contracting of systems, software, applications and other digital tools, in addition to mobile devices and machinery. This, contrary to what many people think, does not reduce the need for labor, since these technologies also demand qualified operators. However, the risks of accidents, miscalculations, waste, budget overruns and delays can be easily avoided with some automation. 

Therefore, here at Hetpa Solutions, we value the application of technology in civil construction planning and operations. And to prove to you that technology and planning are the secret to even more profitable projects, we separate some reasons for you to invest in construction software. 

Want to know more about it? So keep reading and find out! 

Construction software: how to use technology to your advantage 

As with all other segments, the use of construction software not only saves manual work time, since it automates most processes, but also enables the centralization of all construction documents in one place and easy access. In addition, it organizes data, provides assertive and secure information and materials, can be used for consultation at any time and prevents losses (both information and materials and time). 

Currently there is a series of software dedicated to application in civil construction, in addition to generalized ones that help with administrative routines during the execution of a project. The construction software model has become so popular that there are now companies that specialize only in this market segment and offer complete solutions for each stage. 

However, if you are still not convinced that your construction company needs software to streamline operations, here are the reasons to change your mind: 


What’s better than automating most of the operational demands and dedicating more time to planning and evaluating your project? Therefore, systems and software responsible for performing simple tasks and automating processes, and even some stages of the construction project, have become indispensable for large construction companies. 

Even though important configurations and definitions are done manually by company employees and others responsible for the project, all the heaviest part, that is, the execution itself, is carried out by the technological solution. 

Among the services that can be automated are technical drawings, necessary calculations, projections (of materials, equipment, labor, etc.), budgets, customer service and the execution of simple jobs, such as painting and laying, by through programmed robots. 

Assertiveness in calculations and data 

Another great advantage of construction software is the assertiveness and accuracy obtained in the calculations and in the origin of the information. This is because these technologies rely on artificial intelligence that, with the correct settings and access to the data network (especially the internet), is capable of collecting and synthesizing all requested data. 

One of the major risks of errors in large constructions is human error in calculations and data collection. With the support of these programs and other types of software, it is possible to eliminate this threat to the success of the enterprise. 

In fact, it is very rare nowadays to find either an engineer or a technician performing calculations with just a calculator and a piece of paper. What was once very common now seems almost prehistoric. It’s so much simpler to fill in the data you know in the system and, at the touch of a button, get everything ready, isn’t it? 

In addition to being much faster, which reduces costs with the team and speeds up project development, it also offers more security. 


Say goodbye to folders and drawers! With database technology and digital management systems, it’s much easier to organize your documents, information, data, forms, budgets and even your project’s technical drawings and calculations. And all in one place! 

The possibility of making backups of your documents also makes the process much safer. This makes it easier to find what you need quickly, compare information, and save physical space (which can be very cost-effective in the long run). 

Information sharing 

Another great advantage of digital databases is that they can be accessed from virtually anywhere. From your office, where the planning team and analysts meet, to the field, during a work or operational process. Therefore, it is very worthwhile to invest in platforms, software and other applications and tools that manage documents and digital files and, in addition, offer the possibility of remote access. 

Most software also allows you to share a “project” or “desktop” with multiple collaborators, essentially creating a new digital office. 

Cost reduction 

Those who work in the civil construction sector know that time and space are costs for a project. Therefore, the more you save on these two items, the more profitable your venture will be. Here we do not mention labor because, despite greatly reducing the need for people performing operational activities, it is necessary to invest in trained professionals to understand how construction software works and understand what to do with the information collected. 

Among these solutions, we recommend take-off planning from the Planswift software. This technology calculates all construction needs with time frame and financial costs. The information provided offers you more precision and productivity. And if you intend to invest in assertiveness, agility and security in the planning of your enterprise, how about having a company that specializes in this? 

Here at Hepta Solutions, we are a complete solution for construction of high complexity and size. Among company’s capabilities, you can find quickness on the budget deliverable, service quality and competitive price. Want to know more about our services? Then contact our team of consultants! 


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