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Check what are the top five mistakes when planning a project and how to avoid them at your construction site!

Top five mistakes when planning a project and how to avoid them

We all make mistakes sometimes, after all, we are just humans, and we can’t control the environment around us. In construction, business mistakes happen all the time. 

However, some of them are predictable and easy to avoid. Do you want to find out what are the top five mistakes when planning a construction project, and how to avoid them? Read this article and then, share your opinion with us! 

#5 mistake: forget to get the permits 

Before starting your construction project it is imperative to get the permits, even better, to get the right permissions to build your place. 

If you don’t have all the necessary permits to begin your project, there’s every chance that you will be punished by the local authorities, receive fines, or worse: have your construction paralyzed. 

Therefore, get all the licenses needed beforehand, and avoid all that unnecessary headaches. 

Attention to the places by the beach, because they demand some different licenses depending on how close they are to the shore. 

If you have no idea what the necessary documentation to kickstart your project is, it’s wise to ask to get some tips from a local contractor. Since they are used to dealing with this kind of legal responsibility. 


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#4 Mistake: ignoring all the safety measures 

Some accidents are unpredictable because they might cause environmental issues, those you can’t control. On the other hand, some are easily prevented with some security measures. 

Whenever there are accidents at a construction site, especially when there’s a large company involved, it may not only cause bad repercussions to the company’s name but also affect the visibility of the place. 

Not to mention the lives you are willingly putting in danger if all the mandatory security measures are strictly followed; the less prepared and protected your crew are, the more vulnerable they are to tragedies. 

There are many technological advances available nowadays that can prevent some serious accidents at the site. 

So it is important to ensure all of your workers are protected and safe. 

#3 mistake: not having a contingency plan 

All plans are flawless until they are put into practice. Of course, we hope for the best, but let’s not forget: things can always go sideways, and if you don’t have a contingency plan for the “worst-case scenario”, you will find yourself in a lot of trouble. 

So, it’s important to be prepared for all the unexpected problems you might face during the construction. You should reserve at least 10% of your construction budget just in case of an emergency. 

#2 mistake: sign papers without reading them 

During a construction project, you can spend a lot of time dealing with the paperwork needed to get the project off the ground. Therefore, you may not read all the papers you need to sign, because you already assume that all those are the right ones to start building. 

However, this is a very serious error, as it may be that some of the documents are not the ones you need to work with, or there are not all the licenses you need to build. 

Many times, you can order the wrong material or not order what you need to complete the job. Thus, it will not be possible to start a stage of construction without first finishing the one in progress. 

So always read the papers you need to sign. Although it seems like a time saver now, in the future you may spend more time solving a problem that arose due to incorrect documentation. 

#1 mistake: not getting an estimate  

Finally, one of the top mistakes you can’t make when you’re planning construction is forgetting or dismissing an estimate. You may be excited to get started on your project, and want to get things started as quickly as possible, but there are several advantages to estimating your project. In addition to material savings, we can also mention the time you will be pulping, the least impact on the environment, as there will be no waste of materials. 

In addition, you will be able to work better with your budget, since you will only buy the material that will be used. 

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