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Estimate accuracy: using technology to improve precision in take-off and estimate

Starting a estimate for commercial construction is a very complicated task, every detail must be taken into account and take-off errors can be very expensive at the end of the project execution. But did you know that there are technological tools that can provide estimate accuracy?

Here at Hepta Solutions we work with a total focus on calculating all measurements , as well as completion deadlines, in order to deliver precision for the planning of your work. In this content we list the main technologies used to improve precision in take-off and estimate. Check out!

How to use technology to estimate accuracy

Technology, so feared previously for being understood as a substitution of human labor, has shown itself to be increasingly useful and important for the optimization of processes and the generation of new business opportunities.

Tasks that used to take a long time to complete, based on inaccurate data and generally more costly for companies, are now easily designed and calculated with the help of software and technological tools.

Civil construction is no different. Today we can find software on the market that helps:

  • in the creation of the technical drawing of building and construction plans (plotting);

The use of technological tools for the technical design of construction plans allows greater assertiveness in the planning of the work, reduces the possibility of calculation and projection errors and facilitates the reading and evaluation of the team involved in the construction.

In addition, the technical drawings developed from software follow the standards proposed in the area of ​​civil construction in each region, which guarantees safety and efficiency.

  • control of each stage of the project through management software;

The use of project management software assists not only the project manager, but also the entire team in monitoring each phase. It is possible to organize tasks according to the stage and deadline for completion, in addition to entering relevant information and comments. The project manager can also assign responsible for each task, delivery time and monitor progress according to status updates.

The project management software allows the project manager to have a macro view of each detail. This makes it possible to identify and prevent errors, as well as reducing costs and relocating professionals.

  • virtual decoration projects of the space for evaluation;

Widely used by professionals in the field of architecture and interior design, the virtual decoration software for the space allows a very realistic view of the final result.

In addition to being a way of presenting the project’s results to the client and making important decisions about the purchase of materials, equipment and hiring of labor, they also allow for budgeting with different suppliers and reducing project costs.

  • in the calculations for accuracy of the in-take-off estimate.

Technology is present in each stage of the development of a project in the area of ​​civil construction, which greatly reduces costs with refraction or calculation errors, allows the exact projection of the duration of the work and makes it possible to list and manage all the necessary resources.

PlanSwift Software: the way to estimate accuracy

PlanSwift is currently the most complete take-off and estimation software on the market and highly recommended by construction experts around the world.

In order to save time for the team involved in the project, reduce excessive expenses and work with an exact budget, the software is capable of making high-precision projections and ensuring efficiency in takeoff and estimation.

We, at Hepta Solutions, work with PlanSwift to deliver to our customers and partners the best result and assist in the effective and economical management of civil construction projects. Our team of experts is responsible for the application, analysis and delivery of results for the development of successful projects.


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