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Why invest in hiring certified companies

Among the main reasons for hiring certified companies in the development of civil construction projects, we can highlight the need for specialist professionals in their areas of expertise and the diversity of areas involved in a simple project. After all, regardless of the size of each undertaking, all stages of the process must be carefully planned and calculated, considering available resources and expected results, but also risks and restrictions.

The only way, however, for efficient and effective planning and the reduction of possible losses and damages, is to rely on certified hiring companies. This is because these third-party service providers dedicate their time and investment in qualifications and specific training for each activity, which can be attested by certifications.

What are construction certifications?

When we talk about certifications in the civil construction segment, we are referring to a series of documents, issued by public or private bodies, which attest, in a secure way and based on the evaluation of several pre-established criteria, that that material, equipment, process or knowledge is qualified.

For those who are used to building materials or equipment, the certifications guarantee that, in all stages of production and development, quality and safety criteria were considered. Therefore, those items are certified as safe and can be used, as long as good practices are respected.

In the case of companies and service provision, certifications have a slightly different objective. These documents, acquired after a series of assessments and knowledge tests, ensure that the professionals involved in that task have been adequately prepared and are properly trained.

The investment in time and money will vary according to the level, the requirement of the certification and its issuing body. However, often the cost of certifying project members is higher than hiring certified companies, who will contribute constructively and can start work immediately.

The main advantages and benefits of hiring certified companies in civil construction for outsourced specific projects

In the previous topic, we mentioned two of the main benefits of hiring certified companies for specific projects: cost savings with team certifications and time savings invested in the certification process. However, the advantages of such a negotiation do not end there and can surprise you in very positive ways.

In addition, certified companies, in order to retain their permit, must strictly adhere to all industry requirements and regulations. It is also necessary, at the end of the validity period of the certification, to renew the document through new assessments, which ensure that the professional is always up to date.

This means that they have the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to complete the project efficiently and effectively. Additionally, certified companies have insurance and bonding in place to protect both themselves and their clients in case of accidents, damages, or unforeseen events.

Another important point is that, generally, companies that provide this type of service have more than one trained professional to perform it. Therefore, in the absence of a professional, regardless of the reason, the work will still be carried out by a substitute who has the same qualifications, the same skills and the same availability for the project.

Advantages and benefits

  1. Quality assurance: as with energy efficiency certifications, sustainable or cruelty-free products, in order to guarantee the certification of a type of service, it is necessary to maintain a certain level of quality standards. This is evaluated based on the quality criteria defined by the issuing bodies and must be proven with test results or evidence of knowledge and skills.
  2. Risk mitigation: once the certified team is prepared and trained for the planning and execution of their functions, accident risk rates automatically drop quickly. After all, in order for a certification to be granted, the measures adopted to ensure safety and reduce losses must be evaluated and follow some recommendations.
  3. Expertise and experience: these companies, in addition to being certified and, therefore, capable of performing the tasks, also tend to provide services to several clients in the same segment and, as a result, accumulate experience. It’s also a great way to learn new processes that can be implemented in your own team and still have the guarantee of a well-executed service.
  4. Compliance with regulations: certified companies must present strict regulations and well-structured and clear policies for all team members.

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