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How to optimize your construction material quantification takeoff process with Planswift software

Regardless of the type of civil construction, the process of quantifying materials is somewhat time-consuming, demands planning, assertive calculations and still offers many risks of budget holes and financial losses. After all, for projects that work with a predefined line of costs, any incorrect calculation can generate a chain of problems. Therefore, it is essential to have a tool of your own for construction estimates, which allows the user to perform calculations safely and quickly, as is the case with the Planswift software. 

This tool transforms a long and complex process, which is the quantification of construction materials, into something simple, automatic and complete. That’s because the Planswift software delivers the required quantity of each material, the expected costs and relevant data about the planning of your work. 

Want to learn more about how to optimize your construction material quantification takeoff process with Planswift software? So check out some practical steps below for a custom report and reduce errors and unforeseen costs on a project. 

How to accelerate and simplify the quantification of building materials with Planswift software

After delivering quality and safety at each stage of the development of the work, the main concerns of professionals working in construction are saving time and saving money. After all, a work should not be something expensive and time consuming, but something well done and, not necessarily, these things are synonymous. 

It is indeed possible to complete an excellent work in a much shorter period and with a reduced investment, as long as those responsible for the projects know how to use the available tools in their favor. This is the case with the Planswift software. 

However, what is the software Planswift and why is it so important?

Planswift is building estimating software. This tool allows assertive calculations regarding the quantities of materials needed for each work, estimated costs and other relevant data for decision-making in the development of any planning and project. 

For this, Planswift imports the technical drawings of the projects in different formats and, from there, performs all the necessary measurements. Therefore, this is one of the best tools when it comes to assertiveness in calculations and clear information, and widely sought after by contractors, builders, architects, engineers and other professionals specializing in civil construction. 

Transform the Building Materials Quantification Process with Planswift Software: Practical Tips and Powerful Resources

If so far you are still not convinced of the advantages and importance of using Planswift in the quantification of materials in your project, then you need to check out some of the best features that the tool has: 

  1. Importing construction plans: regardless of the file format (PDF or CAD), Planswift is able to import construction plans and, from there, carry out all measurements on the screen, calculate proportions and generate exact files. 
  2. All digital measurements: length, area, volume etc.
  3. Built-in formulas: forget the calculator! In addition to taking all your project measurements, the software can also calculate automatically from complex built-in formulas. That way, your report is already generated with the exact amount of concrete and other materials that will be needed. 
  4. Material library: it is possible to register all the materials to be used in the project and register them in a digital library. In this way, the tool will measure the project and automatically calculate how much you will need for each item, already predicting the costs of purchasing materials. 
  5. Project Templates: If you’re looking to save time and increase efficiency, Planswift software also offers ready-made project templates that you can customize to your needs. 
  6. Customizable reports: Have you ever thought about centralizing all the information in one place? With Planswift you can generate customized reports, according to the particularities of your project and the exact amount of materials, estimated costs and other relevant information. 
  7. Integration with other software: another interesting point is that Planswift can be integrated with other calculation and projection software. Among them, some programs that help with project accounting and management, making the exchange of information between tools and access to information by the team responsible for the project more agile. 

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