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The composition of a construction schedule is an essential item, which guarantees the success and correct execution of the entire project. In addition to saving time, labor and costs, a well-structured construction schedule reduces the risks of execution failures.

To keep the construction budget constant, it is necessary to carry out prior work in planning this project. That is why when hiring a company to do your work, it is extremely important that it is reliable, but that it is also attentive to details such as deadlines, quantities, and labor. All of these aspects will influence when it comes to maintaining the budget.

Starting a estimate for commercial construction is a very complicated task, every detail must be taken into account and take-off errors can be very expensive at the end of the project execution. But did you know that there are technological tools that can provide estimate accuracy?

In this February, Hepta Solutions has been nominated as a potential recipient of a recognition award for the achievements par excellence and dedication to excellence in the construction & real industry, by WRECONF (The World Real Estate & Construction Forum).