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Technology has come to simplify many aspects of our personal and professional lives. Anyone who works in the construction industry knows how the new softwares simplifies many processes in the area. And we’re not just referring to all the money and time saving. But also to manage projects and the communication between team members. 


For those who have in-depth knowledge of economics and investment techniques, the information that houses, cars and other assets are not an investment is no longer new. And yes, the information is technically correct, but that does not mean that it is not possible to profit from the construction of houses and buildings and make this your main source of income. 

Having a house on the beach is a dream for many people. The sound of waves crashing, the salty breeze coming from the sea… That’s what life is!

According to research carried out in recent years, and information published by the Ten-X portal, among all the major US states, the leader in the real estate market is, without a doubt, Florida. Popular not only in the United States but around the world, Florida is the dream state to live in.