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Drones have fallen in favor of entrepreneurs around the world for offering agility, precision and cost reduction in the most diverse projects. Today, thanks to the development of drones, it is possible to receive orders online in just a few hours, capture images from incredible angles and even speed up a civil construction project.

The selection and purchase of materials for your construction work is a fundamental step in the construction schedule. This is because, just as the quality of a recipe directly depends on the quality of the ingredients, the final result of a work depends on the materials used in its construction.

The COVID-19 pandemic came to change the way we live and socialize. Even now with almost half of the country vaccinated, we still need to wear masks in closed spaces with no air circulation; the establishments are reopening at full capacity, yet with some restrictions. But even so, many areas in the economy suffered from the pandemic and one of them was the real estate market.

Civil construction, as we know it today, dates back to the Renaissance, when new methods, systems and materials were developed by specialists in engineering and architecture. However, the history of great constructions acquired since the dawn of humanity, when man took advantage of the resources at his disposal to build residences and monuments.